Sleepless Heart

Sleepless Heart is finally ready and available as part of my new e-book Ar.
This was quite an endeavor! For a long time (definitely years) that I wanted to create a shawl with hearts but wasn’t sure about the lace stitch, shape and other important details and the idea was kind of present but not clear enough to carry on.
This project was greatly inspired by the wonderful music Sleepless Heart by Rodrigo Leão. Watch it here:
I had a photography teacher that explained once one aspect of the creative process in a very simple and effective way – sometimes the concept appears (usually after taking lots of photos and just by look at the work done we can understand what the common denominator is) and sometimes we have the concept and have to work around it until it makes sense. What I feel most of times, is that the concept has to been either pursuit, or it’s right in front of me and one have to look and see it. Another strange phenomenon is that some ideas/characters appear from nothing and sort of hit and overlap the previous ones. When all these are too obvious and upsetting I call them little monsters; absorbing, intriguing monsters, but monsters nevertheless. And this year I had three: bem-me-quer (released as part of Primavera Book) that totally appeared from nowhere, Sleepless heart and the last (hopefully) – which is still in works – Infinito.
 Now, back to Sleepless Heart, I’m so glad and relieved that finally I took this idea out of my head and turned it into something palpable.  I’m not going to bother you with details regarding pattern’s complexity what concerns the ratio of increases/ decreases, its placement, way of writing, drawing charts, add a tutorial etc, however, I must say I’m very grateful to my testers for their invaluable help and for putting their time and effort into this project.
I can read from my initially notes that I wanted something that grows, expands and dissolves. That was the dynamic from the start. Plus, I thought that having a stitch resembling little hearts followed by bigger hearts would be very interesting. Somehow, I envisioned an edging with a very open lace stitch that would come out from the previous sections. There are no transitions rows from one element to the other, everything flows smoothly and after a few repeats I think pattern is easy memorizable as well. So, this crescent shaped shawl knitted top-down ended with a romantic lace pattern worked in the center section and a wavy lace ribbing on the sides. All the three sections dissolve into a striking edging.
For pattern success I strongly recommend using a fiber with at least 70% wool or other animal fiber content and wet block the shawl. As shown it was knitted with 830.8 m (908.6 yds) of Atelier Zitron Unisono, 100% merino, sport weight yarn, and is 178 cm long by 63 cm wide at center back (70 x 24.8 “). It was very enjoyable work with yarn, it’s very soft and even, I really loved it! Instructions are provided to one size (large) but tips to knit a smaller version are also incorporated into pattern. I finished it with a picot bind-off for extra loveliness, but you may choose an elastic bind-off instead. I hope you enjoy Sleepless Heart!   

Other info  Materials:  approx 830.8 – 955.4 m (908.6 – 1044.8 yds) of sport weight yarn; st markers; size 4.5 mm (US 7) circular needles; size 6 mm (US 10) for binding-off, tapestry needle; pins for blocking;  waste yarn.   

Level: Advanced - This project is suitable for fearless knitters with experience knitting lace on both sides of work (wrong side and right side rows) and manipulating unusual stitches (lace, ribbing, textures, cast-on and drop sts throughout the pattern and all sort of increases and decreases). That said, the abbreviations are detailed, I included a tutorial explaining unusual stitches, added charts with check boxes with the stitch count per row and the format is very clean and friendly.

Skills needed: provisional cast-on, K, P, P2tog, Ssp, YO, Dyo, K2tog, Ssk, M1R, M1L, elastic BO or picot BO, single cast-on, Kf&b, drop sts, knit sts from previous rows (fully explained into pattern). Wet block the shawl and woven in ends.

Pattern format: Both written instructions (line by line) and charts are provided. Pattern is a pdf file document and you need Adobe Acrobat Reader application to open it.

Ar Book  
(This pattern is only available as part of my new e-book Ar:
a progressive Eco-friendly e-book with 5 original shawl designs. 
Noni, Sleepless Heart, Dueto and Neve are currently available, 1 more shawl will be added). 

Many thanks to my wonderful testers:

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